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Greetings, Guest Year 25 Day 209, 08:31:19 CGT
Satunda, Helona 28

The Star Wars Combine Banner Exchange
Kerri Manchester
Hiring still
Year 18 Day 236
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
Ardenian Drive Yards is looking for some workers, please send an information to Shuyin Fantasy. We may be willing to hire sitters, but we are most interested in hiring workers. Thank you.
Guybrush Threepwood
Pilots wanted for CSS
Year 18 Day 215
by Supervisor Guybrush Threepwood
Centrepoint Space Station is looking for 1-2 active pilots! Please contact Guybrush Threepwood (CSS) for more information!
Kerri Manchester
Delayed update!
Year 14 Day 320
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
We can open up for some sales of varium, but we would prefer customers buy more than just varium in an order.

Also, delivery service!
We have a pilot willing to do deliveries. The rate is 50,000 credits, per day in hyperspace per BFF-1 needed to transport the materials, round trip from Ottega. This is based off the NavComp calculator for Hyperspace 4 and Skill level 3. If the pilot has to wait for access, and additional 50,000 credits per day will be charged.
Kerri Manchester
Year 14 Day 78
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
We are no longer selling Varium at this time, sorry for the inconvenience.
Kerri Manchester
Open for business!
Year 14 Day 36
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
As the message says, we are open to business again. We have already taken some large orders for some of our more rare materials. So, unfortunately this means that we will not sell any varium, by itself, in bulk. We will still sell smaller orders of varium, or large orders a varium that are also a part of a large order of other materials.

Thank you and have a Great New Year
Kerri Manchester
More sad news, and Quarterly Report!
Year 13 Day 308
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
For the time being, we are closing all public sales. This is due to some massive expansion within the Centrepoint System, and the need to stockpile some of our more rare and expensive materials.

I promise we will be open for public sales again by the first of the year, this is a very termporary arrangement. My hope is that when this expansion is finished we will be able to serve you better. Please be patient in the meantime.

Thank you,
Kerri Manchester
Sad news!
Year 13 Day 199
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
We are sold out of varium and need to spend a month to refill our stocks. So, varium sales are closed for the month.
Kerri Manchester
Centrepoint Quarterly Report
Year 13 Day 187
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
I think a quarterly report is a good idea, lets people know what is going on.

Alan and Gordon will no longer be accepting orders. Please send me any requests for raw material orders.

Good news: We have made arrangements with a medical faction and may soon be offering Bacta for public sales on a limited basis!

Bad news: Varium is running low and is hard to find, so we are unfortunately going to have to raise prices slightly to reflect the decrease in supply. We are still the cheapest price for varium on the market, as far as we have been able to determine.
Kerri Manchester
Opening Update!
Year 13 Day 5
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
There are three people you can contact to place an order:

Gordon Shumway
Alan Trehurn
Kerri Manchester

If you do not hear back when placing your order in 24 hours, feel free to contact another person on the list.
Kerri Manchester
Open for business!
Year 13 Day 3
by Special Supervisor Kerri Manchester
As the title states, we are open again for buisness to the public!

Contact Alan Trehurn or myself to place an order for material and we will provide you with a price and a Job number.

All prices are for Pickup at Odin Station.

Sector: Ottega
System: Ottega (29, 233)
Planet Orbit: Torgazi (10, 8)

Payment will be due at time of pickup.
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