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Datunda, Melona 14
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Centrepoint Mining is now hiring skilled freighter pilots! Please fill out the form below completely (if you fail to provide information, your application will be rejected).
Notice: Do not apply through SWC's Darkness interface at this time! All requests not pre-approved will be automatically declined.

To join, please fill out the form supplied at the bottom of the page in addition to sending a join request via the Darkness interface. If you are accepted into the pool of potential employees, you will be contacted and asked for more information about yourself.

Current Positions

Logistics Officer
The Logistics Officer is responsible for supervising the storing and transportation of the extracted raw materials. He's responsible for making sure that there is storage space available near the mines at all times.

The Miner is responsible for operating the mines within one or more Cities. He is also responsible to notify the Logistics Officer and Leader of any extractions made, and where they are stored.

The Pilot is either responsible for transporting the mined raw materials either to storage or directly to the customer, or for protecting the transports used to transport these materials.

The Prospector is responsible for finding new raw material deposits and claiming them for Centrepoint Mining. He will be equipped with at least one prospecting vehicle. If that is the case, he will have to rely on the Logistics Officer to be transported to his planned destination.

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