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Greetings, Guest Year 25 Day 209, 09:38:53 CGT
Satunda, Helona 28

It all started when two old friends were re-united. Rostar dropped by CSS for a quick repair job on the Nova Star. Never expecting anyone to remember him, but luck was with him. Governor-General Jano was on the station and waiting to meet up with his friend. After several hours reminiscing about the 'good old days' they started to discuss the future and what posibilities lay ahead. They decided that it was high time Centrepoint branched out, enough of the talk, time for action.

They agreed to start from the beginning and to create the resources needed to expand further, hence the creation of Centrepoint Mining. With the contacts CSS already have in place, its not expected to take long to gain business partners.

Time will tell whether Rostar is able to make this venture profitable, but he sees no reason why it won't be. He feels a great passion for what is ahead of him with Centrepoint Mining.

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